This blend has been specifically designed to increase intuition, help you connect to your inner voice & spirit guides, and to fall into a deep meditative state! Time to get your psychic powers brewing!


Whether used to anoint your candles, magickal tools, body or bath, this beautiful vile of magick is the guide to getting in tune with your higher powers! This oil is an excellent tool to use during divination and meditation.


It is filled with jasmin flower, sunflower, orris root, an amethyst crystal and more!


All oils consist of a base oil (chosen based on magickal properties), and A mixture of essential oils & Herbs. Oils come in a 1oz glass dropper bottle.


Modifications available upon request! Ritual oils no longer come with genie bottle included.


Due to the nature of these items craft, they are not available for return. Thank You!

Bottled Intuition


    Current processing time is 2-3 weeks (up to 4 if your order includes preorder items)