This amazing blend of herbs and himalayan salt & epsom salts are specifically crafted to bring your bath and you to a whole new energy! Bath spells are an excellent way to increase your vibrations. Water amplifies the power of herbs, essential oils, crystals and other magickal items. Take time to meditate in the magickally infused herbal water and allow your body and spirit to absorb the natural properties and powers of these ingredients.


With the calming benefits of lavender and rose, and the healing benefits of chamomile, blended together with the salts, you will rise from your bath feeling pain free, rejuvenated and stress-free!


Such a nice way to treat yourself and your body after a long day!


Wooden scooper is included! All teas come packaged in this reusable glass jar!

12oz, 2-4 Baths


Now lay down, fill your bath, calm your mind, and relax!


(Amethyst crystals not included)


Disclaimer: This product is not intended to treat or cure any type of medical condition. This product has not been approved by the FDA. If you are concerned about ingredients, please reach out to us before use, especially if pregnant or nursing. We reccommend seeking professional medical advice, should you feel necessary. 

Bath Relaxation Tea